About us

We are proud to introduce Zawia3 On the anniversary of the Egyptian January revolution, we seek to bridge the gap between news and information, providing an unbiased and open look into the events that have shaped our world.

We understand that journalism is a right of both the reader and writer, and strive to create and maintain a free press.

Part of that press includes our dream of changing the conventional journalistic style. Our outreach will go beyond the expected, providing knowledge of what goes on behind closed doors, as well as facts and perspectives that don’t follow trends.

 We realize that change is not impossible and intend to use our platform as inspiration for different views.

 We work under the principles of democracy, freedom, equality, and transparency. Despite the limited financial capabilities of our project, our team consists of both male and female volunteers who share the same passion for true journalism and aim to provide an open source of information for everyone. We hope to be able to make volunteer work into paid positions in the near future as our platform develops.

 Our mission to share this message is a step towards a more knowledgeable society. We currently cover Egypt, but hope to expand to other Arab countries with time. We vow to publish stories that relate to politics, economics, rights, marginalized groups, freedoms, and democratization experiences—and make them available in both English and Arabic.

 We believe in our journalistic and creative abilities and strive to remain an authority to the people, not governments.