Credit-Based Education: A Service or a Right in Egypt

This report explores Egypt’s shift from free to paid higher education, sparking controversy and concerns about inequality in access
Statistics: 25% of Egyptian women are abused by their husbands… and shelters for abused women cannot accommodate the numbers
Investigation by “Zawia3” on war profiteers who trade the pain of war refugees in Gaza, security in exchange for money


Report on Egypt’s civil movement, delving into post-election challenges, internal divisions, and evolving alliances, hinting at a changing landscape.
The Egyptian Parliament held an unscheduled emergency session to discuss government measures preventing forced Palestinian displacement from Gaza
A confidential source reveals that the ‘Conscience of the World’ convoy to Gaza is under intense security pressure to prevent its movement. The Democratic Civil Movement, involving around 12 political parties, is attempting to coordinate with the People’s Committee to Support the Palestinian People to launch the convoy on November 24 without delay, but negotiations are ongoing with uncertain outcomes.
Around 915 individuals since 2020, with only 23 being female prisoners, constituting a mere 2.5% of the total released
In Egypt, approximately 1.6 million children between the ages of 12 and 17 are working in Egypt. This is equivalent to 9.3% of the total number of children in the country, meaning that one child is working out of every ten children. About 82.2% of these children are exposed to poor and unsafe working conditions
Egyptian doctor Sami Hijazi faces detainment at the Rafah border, while foreigners receive evacuation support. Stranded Egyptians, including Dr. Sami’s family, plead for help amidst casualties, yet official responses remain minimal.