Editorial Policy for Zawia3.com

Editorial Policy Summary

Zawia3 focuses on investigative journalism in Egypt, delivering professional and objective reports and investigations. The site aims to be a third voice for the people, independent of political biases, treating all parties fairly.

Editorial Principles

  1. Neutrality: We commit to neutrality in providing information and conducting investigations. We strive to present diverse perspectives, allowing readers to assess evidence and information themselves.
    • Example: If a journalist contacts a source regarding information on an official, they must inform the official of the information and inquire about its accuracy before publication. The information should only be published without the official’s input if they do not respond, with this noted to the audience.
  2. Objectivity: We endeavor to maintain objectivity in our reports and investigations by relying on credible sources and verifying information accuracy before publication.
    • Example 1: We cannot mention in our stories, for instance, that thousands of families suffer from a serious disease in a village without relying on a source, which must be reliable and have a clear mechanism for determining the number of “thousands”.
    • Example 2: Journalists cannot express their opinions in our investigations, but they can be critics, analysts, skeptics based on the information they possess. Opinions are reserved for opinion articles only.
  3. Transparency: We are committed to transparency in all aspects of our work. We will cite our sources and provide data and supporting evidence for our positions and reports.
    • Example 1: Some sources must be qualified to protect our sources, but we keep copies proving the accuracy of the information we wrote, only if requested by a legal entity.
  4. Diversity: We believe in the importance of diversity and balanced coverage of topics. We strive to provide coverage encompassing politics, economics, rights, society, corruption exposure, and the environment, ensuring inclusivity and addressing important issues.
    • Example 1: As we do not publish large numbers of reports compared to peer platforms, we try to diversify our publications as much as possible so that the platform does not cover a single area.
  5. Human Rights and Press Freedom: We advocate for human rights and press freedom, highlighting human rights violations and interventions in freedom of expression.
  6. Democracy: We support democratic values as essential for social development. We work to raise awareness of citizens’ rights, encourage civil participation, and promote public dialogue.


Journalists must rely on clear, strong, and reliable sources. No information can be mentioned without a source or based on expectations.


We respect minority communities everywhere. Our journalists must be sensitive when dealing with issues related to beliefs, ideas, gender, color, and identity.

Publishing Priority

The publication priority at Zawia3 depends on the provision of new information, the added value of the investigation or report, whether it has been previously published, and what new aspects we will add for publication on our platform.

Opinion Articles

We occasionally publish opinion articles determined by the editorial team. However, opinion articles must provide significant analysis for Egyptian society. We do not accept free writing, poetry, or short stories.

Comments and Engagement

We value reader engagement and participation. We will provide a platform for respectful comments and constructive discussions, encouraging diverse opinions. However, we reserve the right to delete any comment containing hate speech, inappropriate content, or unprofessional comments.

Dealing with Authority

We neither oppose nor endorse authority. We cover government procedures, government institutions, and opposition with the same degree of transparency, objectivity, and integrity.

Law and Accountability

We adhere to applicable laws and regulations. We strive to provide accurate and reliable information, respecting individuals’ rights and privacy, and avoiding publishing any information that may harm individuals or institutions without strong evidence.

We appreciate our readers’ opinions and welcome any suggestions or comments that can help us achieve our vision at: [email protected].