Editorial Policy for Zawia3.com

“Zawia3” is registered under Belgian law as a non-profit organization.
Zawia3 focuses on investigative journalism in Egypt, providing professional and objective reports and investigations. The website aims to be a third voice for the people, independent of political biases and treating all parties fairly.

Editorial Principles
1. Neutrality: We commit to the principle of neutrality in presenting information and conducting investigations. We strive to offer diverse perspectives and allow readers to evaluate the evidence and information presented themselves.
2. Objectivity: We strive to maintain objectivity in our reports and investigations by relying on reliable sources and verifying the accuracy of information before publication.
3. Transparency: We adhere to transparency in all aspects of our work. We will cite our sources and provide data and supporting evidence for our positions and reports.
4. Diversity: We believe in the importance of diversity and balanced coverage of topics. We seek to provide coverage encompassing politics, economy, rights, and society, ensuring inclusivity and addressing significant issues.
5. Human Rights and Press Freedom: We defend human rights and press freedom, shedding light on human rights violations and interventions in freedom of expression.
6. Democracy: We support democratic values and consider them fundamental to societal development. We promote awareness of citizens’ rights, encourage civic participation, and foster public dialogue.

Comments and Engagement

We value engagement and interaction with readers and the community. We will provide a platform for respectful comments and constructive discussions, encouraging diverse opinions. However, we reserve the right to delete any comment that contains hate speech, inappropriate content, or unprofessional comments.

Dealing with Authority
We neither oppose nor support authority. We will cover government actions, governmental institutions, and opposition with the same degree of transparency, objectivity, and integrity.

Law and Accountability
We adhere to the laws and regulations applicable. We will diligently provide accurate and reliable information, respecting the rights and privacy of individuals, and avoiding the publication of any information that may harm individuals or institutions without strong evidence.

We value the opinions of our readers and welcome any suggestions or comments that can help us achieve our vision on: [email protected]