Tantawi Will Not Run for the Egyptian Presidential Elections

Tantawi Will Not Run for the Egyptian Presidential Elections “Yamama,” the president’s competitor: Our democracy is due to “Sisi”

 Presidential Elections Update from a Zawia3

Amidst the unfortunate events and the Israeli occupation army’s shelling of our neighbors in Gaza, we might forget that Egypt is about to witness what the Egyptian authorities consider a “democratic wedding,” referring to the upcoming presidential elections in December.

Here, we attempt to highlight the key news regarding the Egyptian presidential elections, starting with what transpired at a public press conference for the potential presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi.


Tantawi Will Not Run

Ahmed Tantawi obtained 14,161 authenticated endorsements from the real estate registry, indicating that he will not be able to run in the 2024 presidential elections. This was announced by the coordinator of Tantawi’s supporting campaign from the Conservative Party headquarters in Garden City, Cairo, amidst a gathering of Tantawi’s supporters and chants related to the January revolution.

Mohamed Abu al-Diyar, the general coordinator of the potential presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi’s campaign, stated that the violent confrontations faced by the campaign from the authorities led to a “systematic prevention.” The National Electoral Commission did not respond to any of our requests, reaching 36 requests. The campaign spokesperson summarized that within 72 hours, they received 70,000 popular forms not accepted by the National Electoral Commission. He added that there were 130,000 electronic popular forms with national IDs, confirming that they were unable to issue an endorsement for the candidate Ahmed Tantawi in the real estate registry. The campaign clarified that they received 850 complaints from all governorates ranging from physical assaults to prevention. The campaign confirmed that 132 members of the campaign were detained by state decisions.


Closed Meeting Before The Conference
“Zawia3” learned from its sources that a closed meeting took place between the potential presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi and a number of leaders of the democratic civil movement at the Conservative Party headquarters in Garden City today, Friday. Hamdeen Sabahi stated in this meeting that there is no presidential candidate for the democratic civil movement, and the movement is discussing whether it will boycott the presidential elections or nullify its votes, and that the option of supporting “Tantawi” will be available if he manages to gather the required endorsements. There seems to be a tendency to reject supporting any presidential candidate who managed to obtain parliamentary endorsement, according to what was discussed in this meeting.


“Zawia3” also learned that the idea of establishing a new party called the “Hope Stream” based on the campaign that supported the potential presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi has been proposed, and they will discuss this idea soon.


“Yamama,” the president’s competitor: Our democracy is due to “Sisi”

We move on to one of the prominent current presidential candidates who secured their nomination for the presidency with ease, Abdul Sanad Yamama. He appeared in a recorded video inside the Wafd Party headquarters while drinking tea, while his colleagues in the Wafd Party were discussing in a meeting for over two hours how the chants should be strong, and the chant leader emphasized chanting “Long live Wafd, the leader of the nation.”

Yamama did not speak in this meeting, but he returned to address you the next day. The potential presidential candidate Abdul Sattar Yamama, the head of the Wafd Party, stated that Egypt is experiencing a democratic climate where a strong electoral campaign is underway, and the credit goes to his competitor, the current president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Yamama affirmed that his electoral campaign “has not been subjected to any harassment.” Yamama defended the achievements of his competitor, adding, “I see that President Sisi, in his electoral campaign, is pushing towards being elected by the people and presenting what he has achieved. This time, the elections will reveal what people want, and the government will not exert pressure, and I find a good reception in the media.


In statements to the “Everyday” program broadcasted on the ON channel, he emphasized, “Things are going smoothly, the ballot box will speak, and I am determined to succeed and see this.”



After Appointing General Mohamed Salah As The Campaign Coordinator, Hazem Omar Enters Rhe Race

After announcing the appointment of General Mohamed Salah as the general coordinator of his presidential campaign, the potential presidential candidate Hazem Omar officially submitted his nomination papers for the presidential elections today, Friday. He went to the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission in Cairo in a procession carrying his pictures and Egypt’s flags, organized by the leaders and members of the People’s Republican Party.